We’re hosting an Illustrator Contest!

Hi Friends! We’re hosting an illustrator contest to find just the right artist for our picture book series about moi, an adventurous kitty traveling the world in my hot air balloon!

In each new place exciting adventures unfold as I take in the local language, geography, culture, history, food and traditions, and takes my readers along for the ride.

Visit our Draw KeeKee Kontest page for all the details. Email me or my mom with any questions!  >^..^<

4 thoughts on “We’re hosting an Illustrator Contest!

  1. I am having fun and have drawn more KeeKee poses than you asked for – is that alright, if anything it will show you a bit more range.

    Sincerely Yours

    Glenn H.

    • Glenn,

      Yay! Glad you’re having fun drawing KeeKee. Our hope is to get a sense of your drawing style to see if it captures my look! Thanks for your interest! >^..^<

  2. I know I’ve already sent an email to ask, but I’ll ask here too….can more than 1 character sheet be submitted? Only reason I ask is just in case my inspiration goes into overdrive and I happen to run out of room on the first sheet. 🙂

    • Sean,
      Sure… draw as much as you’d like. I don’t want to take advantage of your time, but… the more you draw the better sense I can get of how you’ll draw me.

      Happy sketching!


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