Decorating boats with strings of lights is as popular as decorating Christmas trees in Greece. Saint Nicholas is considered the patron saint of sailors, which is probably why boats are decorated on December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day.

Kalá Christoúyenna! (KUH-lah KRISS-too-YEN-uh)

In Greece, for New Year’s, people have a tradition of hanging a pomegranate on their front door starting at Christmas, leaving it up until the New Year. Then, a family member smashes the pomegranate at the front door to bring good luck and happiness to their home. The more scattered seeds, the better the luck is believed to be. Some do this at midnight on New Year’s Eve, and others in the new year after church. (Kids should check with their parents before exploding a pomegranate on your floors). Another ritual involves hanging an onion at the doorstep, which is believed to chase away evil.

Kali protohronia!  (KAH-lee pro-toh-HRO-nee-ah)

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