Rome, Italy

Colosseum Rome, Italy

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Top 10 Things To Do In Rome, Italy

Top 10 Things To Do In Rome, Italy With a history of over 3,000 years, Rome is the capital city of Italy. It [...]

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How to say “Welcome” in Italian

If you want to say “welcome” in Italian you say Benvenuto pronounced (ben-veh-NOO-toe). If you are saying welcome to a girl/woman you would […]

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KeeKee in Hot Air Balloon

KeeKee Waving in Hot Air Balloon

Italian Pizza Party

When KeeKee visits Rome, she visits Peppe’s Pizza on the piazza and has a pizza party at The Cat Sanctuary with all of […]

Italian-English Word Match Up

Learn a few key Italian words with this fun Italian-English Word Match Up! Need help? See the back inside spread of KeeKee’s Big […]

The Leaning Tower of Pizza

KeeKee and Alfredo bring a stack of 23 pizzas to their friends in the Cat Sanctuary. Leaning Tower of Pizza

Welcome To Rome

KeeKee is welcomed to Rome by Emilia and the other cats in the Cat Sanctuary in Rome, Italy. Rome Welcome

Italian Granita Recipe

When KeeKee visits Rome, she cools off with gelato, while Alfredo has a sweet Italian treat called granita. You can make your own […]

Rome Seek & Find

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A-Maze-ing Rome Adventure

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Picture Book Partner: Our Printer Lehigh Phoenix

It’s the last week of November’s Picture Book Month. We’ve been celebrating all month by getting our next book, KeeKee’s Big Adventures in […]

KeeKee Takes A Roman Holiday!

Our second book in the KeeKee series, KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Rome, Italy, has gone to print! Books will arrive early December. We’re […]