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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam: Where Bikes, Boats, and Giggles Galore Await!

Hey there, adventure seekers! Ready to pedal into a world of wonder? Amsterdam’s calling, and it’s a playground like no other! Picture this: charming canals crisscrossing the city like a giant watery maze, more bikes than cars zooming by (watch out for those bike bells!), and houses that look like they’re playing a game of tipsy dominoes. Hop on a boat and wave to the ducks, munch on gooey stroopwafels (yum!), and discover museums where art comes alive. From windmills to flower markets bursting with colors, Amsterdam is packed with surprises that’ll make your family go “Woah!” at every turn. So grab your sense of fun (and maybe some comfy shoes) – Amsterdam’s ready to show you a wheel-y good time!

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