Top 10 Things To Do In Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Skyline

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We’re very excited to share our love of Amsterdam with you! We lived in this beautiful capital city of the Netherlands for four years. It continues to rank in the Top 10 of Countries to Live In.

The Netherlands is made up of 12 provinces; two of them are North and South Holland. That’s why you often hear people refer to the area as Holland. In these two provinces are the country’s main cities, including Amsterdam.

Amsterdam actually feels more like a town or village yet has so much to do including the fabulous things the area is known for from cheese and clogs to windmills and tulips.

We can go super deep on Amsterdam but to start, here are our Top 10 Things to Do.

10 Top Things to Do in Amsterdam!

1. Canals

Canals of Amsterdam

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Amsterdam was founded on the banks of the Amstel River as a fishing village. It was dammed in 1222 thus leading to the city’s name, Amstelledamme, turning the city’s industry to trade.

Coming off the Amstel River and throughout Amsterdam, you’ll find the city’s beautiful canals. There are over 165 canals, more than Venice, Italy or any other city in the world!

The Grachtengordel, or Canal Ring, are the famous canals forming a semicircle around the city.

Coming Soon: More about Amsterdam’s canals.

2. Bicycles (Fietsen)

Dutch Bicycles in Amsterdam
Check out KeeKee’s Fun Fact Video on Amsterdam Bicycles!

If you like riding a bike, Amsterdam is the city for you!

The Dutch love biking. They use fietsen, or bicycles, the way people use cars in other cities. When we lived in Amsterdam, we biked everywhere and didn’t even need to own a car!

The Netherlands is one of the safest places in the world to ride a bike and definitely a fabulous way to see and get around the city.

Coming Soon: More about the biking in Amsterdam.

3. Tulips

Tulips are the quintessential flower of the Netherlands and you will see them all over Amsterdam.

Dutch Tulips
This lovely flower makes Spring a fantastic time to visit Amsterdam. Close your eyes and envision rows and rows of colorful tulips. That’s what you’ll find just outside of town.

More than 1.7 billion tulips bloom across Holland every spring.

There’s even a Tulip Museum in Amsterdam.

Coming Soon: Read more about Dutch tulips and where to see them.

4. Windmills