About Us

KeeKee’s Big Adventures is the award-winning family travel entertainment company created to spark curiosity and inspire an appreciation for the people, places, and cultures of our great big wonderful world!

Growing up, my Mom was a flight attendant, and the traveling we did as a family opened my eyes, ears, and mind to the world in a way that has inspired my whole life.

Living in Amsterdam with my real-life calico kitty, KeeKee, the idea for KeeKee’s Big Adventures was born! To introduce children and families to other places, cultures, languages, people, food, and more through KeeKee, the cute relatable character in an all-animal world.

Now with globe-trotting KeeKee as our guide, we’re on a mission to help children develop a global worldview early in life. Studies show there are considerable benefits to exposing children to other cultures through travel and education. It…

  • Excites their natural curiosity, and they will continue to explore and discover.
  • Enhances children’s acceptance of people different from them.
  • Builds compassion, empathy, open hearts, and minds.

It all started with the award-winning picture book series, KeeKee’s Big Adventures. And now there’s more to help you and your family travel, learn and explore.

And you can join the first-ever KeeKee’s Big Adventures Vacation…KeeKee’s Big Adventures at Sea, aboard Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas in July 2022.

Adventure Awaits,


Author and Creator