“Holidays Around the World” Articles

Holidays Around the World: Greece

Decorating boats with strings of lights is as popular as decorating Christmas trees in Greece. Saint Nicholas is considered the patron saint of […]

New Year Traditions Around the World

Gather the family and pick your favorite New Year Traditions from Around the World to ring in the new year! Find these and […]

Holidays Around the World: Germany

Christmastime in Germany is truly a fairytale experience. And many of the classic holiday traditions began in Germany. Tannenbaum: Christmas Tree The first […]

Holidays Around the World: Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas’ Eve, the 5th of December, is THE holiday tradition and time of gift-giving. It celebrates Saint Nicholas, the […]

Holidays Around the World: England & the UK

Many of the Christmas traditions around the world originated in the countries of the UK: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. In England, […]

Holidays Around the World: Italy

Christmas is the warmest and most intimate Italian holiday as it’s a special time when family members get together to enjoy age-old traditions. […]

Holidays Around the World: France

In France on Christmas Eve, they enjoy a feast called le révillon, which often consists of ham, goose, oysters, salad, champagne, and Bûche […]