“Holidays Around the World” Articles

New Year’s Eve Traditions Around the World

Gather the family and pick your favorite New Year’s Eve Traditions from Around the World to ring in the new year! Austria: Lucky […]

Holidays Around the World: Germany

Christmastime in Germany is truly a fairytale experience. And many of the classic holiday traditions began in Germany. Tannenbaum: Christmas Tree The first […]

Holidays Around the World: Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Saint Nicholas’ Eve, the 5th of December, is THE holiday tradition and time of gift-giving. It celebrates Saint Nicholas, the […]

Holidays Around the World: England & the UK

Many of the Christmas traditions around the world originated in the countries of the UK: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. In England, […]

Holidays Around the World: Italy

Christmas is the warmest and most intimate Italian holiday as it’s a special time when family members get together to enjoy age-old traditions. […]

Holidays Around the World: France

In France on Christmas Eve, they enjoy a feast called le révillon, which often consists of ham, goose, oysters, salad, champagne, and Bûche […]