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We picked our illustrator!

Casey Uhelski

Read about and see her work, as well as the other finalists and submissions.

We need an illustrator!

To find just the right artist to draw me – KeeKee – in my children’s book series, my mom and dad are hosting a “Draw KeeKee Kontest.”

Our goal is to find an artist we like, who can draw me well, and who can illustrate our book series. Work with us as the KeeKee project grows.

Draw and submit a character sheet… and if you’re one of the top 5 favorites chosen you will receive a $200 commission to draw a color illustration of me.

The best of those five will win a contract to become my illustrator in my books!  >^..^<

If you’re not selected, we will return the working files and usage rights for all the designs submitted. As designers, we highly respect and value artists and designers. We feel asking for a bit of “spec work” is the only way we can truly gauge the style illustration we hope to find.


My mom and dad are creating a series of children’s books – geared toward 4-7 year old kids. They’ll feature moi adventuring in my hot air balloon to lands far and wide. I’ll teach about culture, language, foods, traditions, geography, and more! I can’t wait to share my stories with you.

Submission Guidelines & Details:

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Create a character style sheet with me (KeeKee) posing, using the list below as a guide.
  2. My mom and dad will pick their top 5 favorites. Those five will each be asked to submit a color drawing and each of those 5 will be paid $200 for the illustration.
  3. One of the 5 illustrators selected will be made an offer to illustrate the children’s book series!
  4. Entry due date is by Friday 6 April 2012 at 11:59 pm EST. Entries submitted after that time will not be considered for entry.

Poses to Draw:

Full Body

  • Walking (KeeKee walks on her hind legs, upright like a people),
  • Sleeping,
  • Climbing a ladder,
  • Reading a book,
  • Pulling something out of her travel backpack, and
  • Enjoying an ice cream cone.

Head Shots

  • Looking up,
  • Looking down,
  • Happy,
  • Sad/Crying,
  • Surprised, and
  • On the phone.
We want to see how you draw her from different directions, doing different things.
  • Please submit a PDF, or other image format (png, tif, eps, jpg).
  • We only need black and white sketches for the character sheets, no color work is necessary.
  • Please also provide a link to your portfolio, website, or some other link where we can see more of your work.
Send your submission and/or any questions to: KeeKee at 

Information About Me:

Attached is a PDF – a character sheets – sharing my likes, dislikes, what I look like, my personality, etcetera. This should give you a good idea about my personality.

KeeKee Character Sheet [1.2 MB, PDF]

Pictures of Me:

Here are images of me in various poses to help you draw me!

Click to download larger version of above image [PDF, 15MB]

Example Style Sheets

When we mention style sheets, we’re thinking of something like pictured below. Black and white drawings. Various poses.

Frequently Asked Questions & Fine Print:

  • Q: What happens to the character sheet I submit as an artist?
  • A: We plan to use them to select the top five artists we like the most from all the submissions. Once we select our top five, we will delete all the rest of the submitted artwork.
  • Q: Why are you asking artists to draw so many poses? You are asking for 12 different drawings.
  • A: Yes, that is true. We want to make sure we see you draw KeeKee in enough different poses to understand your approach to her from multiple angles and actions. We want pencil drawings at this stage, not looking for complete inked work. If you perceive this as “too much work” you probably won’t enjoy the role of illustrator for KeeKee since you’ll be drawing KeeKee all the time!
  • Q: How do I know if you’ve picked my work or not?
  • A: All those who submit WILL be sent an email when the final 5 are selected. This way you’ll know whether or not you’ve been chosen.
  • Q: What will I get paid if I’m ultimately selected to be the illustrator?
  • A: Great question. We don’t know yet. The reason we are being so particular is because we would love to work with you for the entire life of our KeeKee project. (Think Charles Schultz with the Peanuts cartoon strip). We have big plans. This isn’t just one book – it is a series of books. We also need web graphics, illustration for packaging, plush animals, a full-length motion picture… heck… we’d love to build a KeeKee Theme Park. THAT is what you may be able to be a part of. We hope to at least hire you to illustrate our first book… But, hopefully you see the big picture of what we hope to do. >^..^<