What if we all did Random Acts of Kindness every day? 😻 Imagine what a wonderful world it would be.🌎

Let’s make a world of ‘more we & less me’ by doing Random Acts of Kindness every day.

Here are some great Random Acts of Kindness ideas for you and the kids.

β™₯ Hold the door for someone.

β™₯Β Return someone’s cart at the store.

β™₯ Feed the birds.

β™₯ Pick up litter.

β™₯ Give a compliment to a friend.

β™₯ Write a thank you note to your teacher.

β™₯ Leave a nice note in a library book.

β™₯ Set the table for dinner.

β™₯ Donate old toys and books.

β™₯ Read a book to someone.

β™₯ Clean up your room without being asked.

β™₯ Ask for a donation instead of birthday presents.

β™₯ Give a hug.

β™₯ Play with someone new.

β™₯ Color a picture for someone like the one below.

β™₯ Give a compliment.

β™₯ Say thank you all day long.

β™₯ Call your grandparents.

β™₯ Give someone flowers.

Thank you for being kind!

😻 Love, KeeKee

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