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Make Every Vacation Count with AAA Travel’s Family Travel Passport
The new free online app helps Families find their best vacation destinations
based on the whole family’s interests and kids’ ages.

[May 2024]—AAA Travel is excited to announce the launch of the first-of-its-kind web-based app, Family Travel Passport. The app allows a family to determine the best vacation destinations for up to 18 years’ worth of trips based on the ages of the children and all the family members’ interests. Families only have 18 summers with their kids, so making every vacation count is important.

The app presents a fun survey designed for the entire family (kids over age 4) to share their vacation preferences, favorite activities, and dream destinations. KeeKee, the AAA Family Travel Mascot, guides you every step of the way.

Each family member’s travel preferences and children’s ages work together to create personalized travel recommendations of two exciting destinations – one United States destination and one international destination – for each year until the family’s youngest child reaches the age of 18. It’s their very own Family Travel Passport.

“We have heard from parents that time goes too fast, and they’ve regretted not thinking about where to take the family on vacation sooner – missing out on key vacation years. We wanted to create something to remedy that,” says Amy Short, Director of Travel Sales and Technology at AAA Club Alliance. “We’re excited to share the Family Travel Passport as a tool to help families create a long-term vacation plan and prioritize destinations based on what they love to do when they travel.”

Family Travel Passport is free and available to all families across the U.S.

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Family Travel Passport