KeeKee Spotted in Iowa?!


We went to a balloon festival in Iowa tonight and think we saw your balloon! Harrison recognized it right away from your books, so we took a couple of pictures (when your balloon landed, it was hiding behind a few of the others!). If you were there, KeeKee, we hope you liked Iowa! We can’t wait for your next book!

Amy & Harrison

Ballon Festival in Iowa

Balloon Festival Iowa 2

Thank you Amy & Harrison! Sorry we missed the Iowa Festival but thank you for looking out for us! Love all the colorful balloons…it’s a great way to travel! >^..^<

KeeKee Balloon Art

2 thoughts on “KeeKee Spotted in Iowa?!

  1. The picture in Omaha is of our daughter, Amy, and her niece (Beatrix) and nephew (Harrison). They along with the kiddos’ parents loved the balloon festival in Iowa and were privileged to see KeeKee’s balloon. What an adventure; what fun!

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