We just received this awesome journal from Dex, who lives in the Netherlands, about his trip to Paris with KeeKee. Take a tour as Dex brings to life all the spots in KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France!

Hi KeeKee, can you guess where I am in this picture? Love, Dex

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-2

Hi KeeKee, Did you guess Paris? You’re right. I went with my mom for a weekend in Paris. We visited Aunt Carole and I decided to see if I could find you too. First stop, Eiffel Tower. I went to the very top but didn’t see your balloon. Did it float away? Yours truly, Dex

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-3

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-4

Hi KeeKee, Next stop: Notre Dame. I looked inside but couldn’t find you. We had to be quiet because there were lots of people listening to a man in a black dress. I wanted to climb up all the steps to see the gargoyles up close but there was a long line of people and it was hot and my mom didn’t want to wait. Instead, we bought ice cream across the street. I hope I didn’t miss you there. Best regards, Dex

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-5

Notre Dame

Hi again KeeKee, Woohoo! I got to ride on the boat on the big river. Just like you did with your friends. That was fun. Hugs, Dex

Seine Cruise
Seine Boat

Hi KeeKee, Last stop: Montmartre. I got to ride the funicular! And I could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance all lit up with sparkling lights! I still didn’t see your balloon though. We went inside and walked around the little village. And finally stopped in a tiny restaurant for my first ever crepe. I had a banana and chocolate crepe. There was even a man playing the piano. I was very tired and I still didn’t find you. But I had lots of fun. I guess I’ll have to look for you again sometime soon in Rome. A bientôt! Dex

Sacre Coeur

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-6

Merci beaucoup Dex, Mom Jenna & Aunt Carole for sharing your Paris adventures with us!! >^..^<