>Dex Adventures in Paris with KeeKee

Dex Adventures in Paris with KeeKee

We just received this awesome journal from Dex, who lives in the Netherlands, about his trip to Paris with KeeKee. Take a tour as Dex brings to life all the spots in KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Paris, France!

Hi KeeKee, can you guess where I am in this picture? Love, DexKeeKee_s Big Adventures-2

Hi KeeKee, Did you guess Paris? You’re right. I went with my mom for a weekend to Paris. We visited Aunt Carole and I decided to see if I could find you too. First stop, Eiffel Tower. I went to the very top, but didn’t see your balloon. Did it float away? Yours truly, DexKeeKee_s Big Adventures-3

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-4

Hi KeeKee, Next stop: Notre Dame. I looked inside but couldn’t find you. We had to be quiet because there were lots of people listening to a man in black dress. I wanted to climb up all the steps to see the gargoyles up close but there was a long line of people and it was hot and my mom didn’t want to wait. Instead we bought ice cream across the street. I hope I didn’t miss you there. Best regards, Dex

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-5

Notre Dame

Hi again KeeKee, Woohoo! I got to ride on the boat on the big river. Just like you did with your friends. That was fun. Hugs, DexSeine CruiseSeine Boat

Hi KeeKee, Last stop: Montmarte. I got to ride the funicular! And I could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance all lit up with sparkling lights! I still didn’t see your balloon though. We went inside and walked around the little village. And finally stopped in a tiny restaurant for my first ever crepe. I had a banana and chocolate crepe. There was even a man playing the piano. I was very tired and I still didn’t find you. But I had lots of fun. I guess I’ll have to look for you again sometime soon in Rome. A bientôt! Dex

Sacre Coeur

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-6

Merci beaucoup Dex, Mom Jenna & Aunt Carole for sharing your Paris adventures with us!! >^..^<