KeeKee Books are Now in China!!

We're thrilled to share the news about KeeKee's Big Adventures first international publishing deal! >^..^< Paris, Rome and Athens went on sale in China at the end of 2016 from CITIC Press Group. They are translated into Simplified Chinese and available on Amazon China and in bookstores! They've done a cool 3-pack of the books in hardcover with a foldable city [...]

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Pocket Guide to Athens, Greece

Opá…It’s Athens! Don’t miss KeeKee’s favorite spots when you visit. We’ve created this foldable pocket guide you can easily make at home to explore one of the oldest cities in the world!   Download Athens Pocket Guide [in PDF file] Download Pocket Guide Folding Instructions [in PDF file]

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Athens Word Scramble

Don’t be too puzzled with this word scramble featuring key words and images from KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Athens. Download KeeKee Athens Word Scramble [in PDF file]

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Tasty Tzatziki Recipe

To get you in the mood for reading KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Athens, here’s a recipe for the yummy Greek dip KeeKee enjoys,Tzatziki (tza-TZEE-kee)! Download KeeKee’s Tzatziki Recipe [in PDF file]

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