In the Agafay Desert, 30 km southwest of Marrakech, you can have a desert experience with stunning views of the High Atlas Mountains.

It’s a fun adventure and a really nice option if you don’t have the 8+ hours (both ways) to get to the Sahara Desert.

Click on the images for a larger view.

Arriving at the stony moon-like Agafay Desert.

A traditional greeting.

The dromedary caravan headed on our way. A dromedary is a one-humped camel.

Touareg Blue Turban (called Cheich) to protect again the sun and wind when traveling in the desert.

Hanging out in the desert.

Gearing up for our rides.

Off on our dromedary caravan Agafay Desert adventure.

A fun and bumpy ride.

We named ours “Camel” because of its color. 😻

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