We’re taking you Behind-the-Scenes for the making of KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Amsterdam, Netherlands!

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Said the famous Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. We are off and running, or biking :), on creating the next book in the series.

Writing Amsterdam

Here you can see the story board Author Shannon and Art Director Paul created to map out KeeKee’s Amsterdam adventure. Now Shannon is busy working on the story for the book called the manuscript. First she writes a draft in her notebook, makes lists of things she wants to include and feature in the story, then starts typing on the computer.

The Manuscript

KeeKee in Amsterdam 30 Apr 15.docxThe manuscript is the book’s story the Author creates. Above is an early draft of Amsterdam. Shannon put all the scenes and pages of the story board onto paper and then went to work on the dialogue and action. She continues to work on it, for about 4 months, and then once happy with it, sends to her Editor Lisa for feedback.

Sketching Has Begun

This is where it gets good…Casey starts working on sketches of characters and scenes once she reads the manuscript. This time we’ve given Illustrator Casey the not yet finalized version so she can start sketching in her sketchbook. Check out some of the scenes Casey is working on. Can you see some of KeeKee’s adventures developing?

Amsterdam sketches

Character Development

We LOVE this part, where Casey begins development of the other characters in the adventure!! Can you guess what type of animal might be KeeKee’s guide in Amsterdam?

Character sketching-1

Amsterdam is known for…

Bikes! So it’s only fitting that Casey is perfecting KeeKee’s mode of transportation around getting around town! Check it out…

Amsterdam Bike Sketching

Building a Scene

Amsterdam is also known for miles and miles of canals! You can see here how Casey is building a scene on the canals sketching on her computer and using a photo as a guide. So cool!!

Canal Scene

More Characters

Check out this cutie! Here are Casey’s sketches as she was creating another one of KeeKee’s friends in Amsterdam. Can’t wait to introduce you to the characters in a coming issue.

Amsterdam Characters

The Cover

The new book is really coming together! While we’ve been showing you lots of work in progress, it’s finally time to show you the KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Amsterdam cover! A few minor tweaks still to be made but isn’t it beautiful!?!

KeeKee_s Big Adventures in Amsterdam Cover

Let us introduce you…

…to KeeKee’s Amsterdam tour guide, Jasper! You saw him in the sketch, now he’s a full color Lion!

Jasper, KeeKee in Amsterdam

Why a lion you may ask? The lion is the official animal of the Netherlands. You’ll see it everywhere from the coat of arms for the Kingdom of the Netherlands to their World Cup Team jerseys.

Meet Marijn!

We introduce you to KeeKee’s newest friend in Amsterdam…Marijn! She’s the cutest little bunny all dressed in her traditional Dutch best. You can see the sketches up above of how Casey drew Marijn and now she’s full of color!

KeeKee in Amsterdam Marijn-1

KeeKee Lands in the Netherlands

You’ve met Jasper…now see how KeeKee meets Jasper…

KeeKee lands in Amsterdam

In the famous tulip fields outside of Amsterdam!

KeeKee landing in AmsterdamStretching for 20 miles between the Dutch cities of Haarlem and Leiden, the Flower Strip (called Bollenstreek or Bulb District) is home to the world famous Dutch tulip fields of the Netherlands. It’s an amazing sight to be seen…colorful fields full of tulips and other flowers stretch as far as the eye can see across the provinces of North Holland just west and southwest of Amsterdam!

Can you spot Jasper in the fields?

Amsterdam Proofs are Finalized!

We signed off on the final proofs of the new book on Friday! Next stop…printing!


At the Printer!

Hoera! We’re so excited and proud to share with you that “KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Amsterdam, Netherlands” is being printed (in Maryland) at this very moment!

Here’s a picture of the unbound cover printing two to a page!

KeeKee_s Big Adventures-1

Hot off the Press!

These are pages of the Amsterdam book just off the printer!

This is one of the giant print outs that contains 16 pages of the book, 8 printed on each side. It’s like a double-sides poster. Each ‘poster’ gets folded to make a what’s called a Signature.

Amsterdam Hot off the Press-1

The Trimming

Once all the pages are printed, they have to be trimmed to just the right size to make the book. Here you can see some of the pages in the giant trimming machine getting lined up for trimming…before and after.

Amsterdam Trimming-3

Amsterdam Trimming

The Sewing

Once all the pages are trimmed and folded, the Signatures are sewn together to make the full pages of the book. This is Amsterdam on the giant sewing machine.



The Case Making

And finally, the end pages are pasted into the cover and the cases of books are packed for delivery!




The Final Book

Then the books are shipped out into the world for children and families to enjoy adventures in Amsterdam with KeeKee! >^..^<

KeeKee's Big Adventures in Amsterdam