Landing November 19, 2019

London and its majesty are calling!! 

Join KeeKee, the adventurous calico kitty traveling the world in her hot air ballon, on her next adventure…London, England!

Explore the UK’s vibrant capital city with KeeKee and her friend Willamb Sheepspeare as they hop on a double-decker bus to Big Ben, British Tea, Buckingham Palace, and more!

With over 40 beautifully illustrated London scenes to the kid-friendly Guide, Glossary & Map in the back of the book, KeeKee’s Big Adventures in London is for children and families planning their adventure, returning from their journey or just wanting a virtual vacation!

The fifth title in the award-winning KeeKee’s Big Adventures series will continue to spark curiosity and inspire an appreciation for our great big wonderful world!

Pre-orders placed now will be shipped in November 2019.

Autographs & Personalization
Please put in the note section if you’d like the book AUTOGRAPHED and if you’d like it signed to someone specific. >^..^<