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Tauck Bridges Family Travel with Lora

Tauck Bridges Family Travel with Lora

In this episode, Lora Schapiro with Tauck joins us to share more about their guided travel experiences, including Tauck Bridges family vacations.

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Tauck Travel Lora

Tell Us about Tauck

Tauck is a family-owned and operated 96-year-old upscale guided travel company. In 1925 Arthur Tauck worked in a bank and developed the coin tray after losing his job. He went on the road selling them to banks all over New England.

As he was traveling for work, he thought more people should see the beauty of our country, so he ran an ad in the Newark newspaper inviting people to join him on a ‘week-long jaunt for $69 all-inclusive.’ That’s where it all started. Now almost 100 years later, we’ve taken millions of people around the world.

We provide guided travel at a premium level, from European river cruises to small ship cruises to land journeys. Everything is done for you. You pack your bags, show up, and everything is taken care of.

Tauck Bridges Kiki Maher

What is Tauck Bridges Family Travel?

Tauck Bridges is our group of family-focused tours and itineraries.

Many families want to experience travel beyond ocean cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and theme parks. And planning complex trips on your own can be a lot of work. That’s why we started Tauck Bridges.

We are one of the world’s most experienced multigenerational travel companies.

Tauck Bridges Family Travel

What are some of this summer’s Tauck Bridges trips?

Alaska: Call of the Wild will be a great one this summer. You get to visit Denali National Park AND meet the Iditarod sled dogs and puppies.

Our National Park trips are also popular. On Red Rocks & Painted Canyons, you hike the Grand Canyon with a Grand Canyon Field institute instructor and trail ride with a cowboy in Bryce National Park. Booking with Tauck also gets you access to National Park resorts that book up years in advance.

Costa Rica Jungles and Rainforests starts in June and introduces families to the amazing biodiversity of the country. This is a more active vacation and great for the older kids

Tauck Bridges Family Travel

What are other popular trips?

Europe is very popular every year. We have Castles & Kings: London to Paris, two itineraries in Italy, and we have five different river cruises specifically for families.

I took a river cruise with my goddaughters, 10 and 12, and it was the trip of a lifetime. It kicked off with two nights in Paris. We had a welcome dinner on a rooftop where you felt like you could literally reach out and touch the Eiffel Tower. And the Scavenger Hunt around the Louvre was fun for all of us.

The girl’s favorite part of the trip wasn’t Paris or Disneyland Paris. It was the Tauck Riverboat and staff and guides.

Guided Trips & Kids

One of the key benefits of our incredible guided vacations is the kids learning without even realizing it, like in Yellowstone Park, where they get a hands-on science education. By the end of the tour, they’ve learned so much along the way.

Tauck Bridges Family Travel

Next Trip Your Planning?

I’m going glamping outside of Charlotte next weekend to get away. Then in November, I’m headed to Amsterdam.

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Thank you for joining us, Lora, and sharing more about Tauck Bridges family vacation adventures.

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Learn more on Tauck’s website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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