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Paris with Kids from Travel Mom & Luxe Recess Founder Robin

Paris with Kids from Travel Mom & Luxe Recess Founder Robin

In this episode, Travel Mom Robin joins us to talk all about visiting Paris with kids. As the Founder of Luxe Recess, the luxury family travel website focused on the best luxury hotels for families, she has excellent details to share.

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Luxe Recess Paris with Kids

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a Travel Mom to kids now 9 and 14. I’ve been traveling with them since they were born. By my firstborn’s 2nd birthday, she had been on 200 flights with me.

My passion is luxury hotels and the history of great hotels, and the culture of hotels of the world. And my kids are Kids Club Experts.

We love traveling to Paris. I’ve been going since my first trip there at age 13. We have friends who live there, so we love to incorporate the tourist experience and local experience.

Paris with kids

Why is Paris a great destination for families? 

It’s an exceptional city all around, and thanks to pop culture, kids understand that. From the age of 4, my son wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.

Once you’re there, it’s about sophisticated pleasures that even kids appreciate, the sites and the food.

Jules Verne Restaurant with kids

What are your favorite things to do in Paris with kids? 

Paris is a great place to introduce a once in a childhood fine dining experience.

The Jules Verne Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower allows children in at lunch. It’s an experience from start to finish. They serve a 3-course menu with amazing food, service, and views. You’re met and escorted up via a private elevator. Then once you’re done with lunch, you have access to the 2nd-floor terrace to enjoy the views.

We did this our first full day, and it set a great tone for the trip.

Tuc Tuc Tours are a fantastic way to see the city with kids. It’s a very private open golf cart tour on the streets of Paris. This gave the kids an appreciation for the city’s greatest hits, and then they wanted to go back. It’s super affordable.

It’s also a great idea to use a company that specializes in children’s tours for The Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay. It’s a wonderful way to experience these museums with children and makes it memorable.

Paris Tuc Tuc Tour

What are some other Paris with kids tips? 

The pacing of a vacation is also very important.

We spent two nights at Versailles at the Waldorf Astoria’s Trianon Palace for our full second and third day. We took an Uber from the city. This break allowed us time to explore and have some relaxation time at the wonderful hotel just when jet lag hit.

We explored Versailles with a golf cart tour of the gardens.

We enjoyed the hotel’s great indoor pool and room service (they also have a kids club). And we explored the charming town of Versaille.

Then we went back to the city and we were ready for more Paris.

Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace

What is your favorite Arrondissement?

I lived in the 15th, Parc des Expositions, so I’m partial to that neighborhood.

I also like the 7th, Eiffel Tower, as it’s not as touristy as the Right Bank. The Rodin Museum is great spot for kids and has private grounds where they can roam.

Many of our friends live in the 3rd, Marais, a lovely neighborhood to explore boutique shops and bistros.

Why do you think traveling with kids is so important?

My sister-in-law is a therapist and the leading anxiety specialist helping families.

There are three traits to develop in children to help protect them from mental health issues later in life … autonomy, problem-solving, and flexibility skills.

When they have these skills, the rates of anxiety and depression plummet. And you can use travel to teach your children these skills. You’re giving them the best souvenirs … creating really healthy adults.

It also increases your connection as a family and takes you to a better emotional place so you can deal with life in a happier way.

Next trip you’re dreaming about?

Before the Pandemic, we visited two hotels from my bucket list in Ireland…Ashford Castle and Dromoland Castle. My kids are ready to go back to Ireland as it represents getting back to life pre-COVID.

We also postponed a trip to explore the Riviera Maya, so I’m looking forward to that and exploring it’s culinary side.

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Thank you for joining us, Robin, and sharing your Paris family adventures.

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