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Travel Wellness with Yoga & Lifestyle Coach Marjorie
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Travel Wellness with Yoga & Lifestyle Coach Marjorie

Marjorie Nass, Yoga and Lifestyle Coach, joins us to talk all about ways to stay healthy while traveling. You’re going to love these tips and ideas!

Marjorie teaches yoga, does personalized yoga and lifestyle coaching, and hosts an amazing Yoga & Wellness Rejuvenation Retreat each January in Costa Rica.

Why do we often get sick on the road or when we return from traveling?

We’re often already stressing our systems before we leave…finishing work, packing, getting ready, potentially losing sleep.

Then while traveling, there’s the disruption of our daily routine…sleep at different times, eating different foods, sitting more, and being exposed to a tremendous amount of people and germs.

Tips & Ideas for Staying Healthy While Traveling

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep routines are essential to keeping your immune system strong and keeping you healthy.

The day or two before you leave, start thinking about the time zone where you’re going and try shifting to an earlier bedtime to make it easier when you arrive.

When you arrive, immediately get outside and take a walk. Your body will start to adjust to what time it is by the light. It’s also essential to get moving after sitting for so long. Don’t lay down or go to sleep.

If you can, watch the sunset. And if you wake up early in your new destination, watch the sunrise. All these will help you reset your internal clock.

Staying up late and sleeping late disrupts our regular schedule and our digestion so try to stay on schedule.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration via water is a key to staying healthy at home and especially while traveling.

Airplanes are super dry.
Hydrate by drinking more water than usual.

Hydration also keeps you regular, which keeps you healthy.
The dryness causes constipation.

How much water should you drink?

  • One half your body weight in ounces in water per day. When flying, add another 2-4 cups. And it must be water…not tea, coffee, juice.
  • The water should be room temperature. Very cold and iced water interferes with digestion.
    (note from Shannon: this tip really changed my life! I used to drink iced water all the time and was continually having heartburn.)
  • Sipping really hot water is VERY hydrating.

Oil is also great for combatting dryness on the nose, hands, feet. Marjorie recommends Sesame oil, the most warming kind. Marjorie suggests getting them from Banyan Botanicals.

Keep Your Immune System Strong

Wash your hands often and clean the surfaces around you including wiping down the airplane areas with anti-bacterial wipes or gel.

Give yourself some downtime when you get to your destination and while on the trip. Try 10 Deep Breaths or the Legs Up the Wall yoga pose (it helps ground you, relax and reverses the flow of gravity after sitting a lot).

Use I Travel Well or Immune Strong, herbs to help the immune system, from Banyan Botanicals.

Use Essential oils like Immune Strong.

Make Healthy Food Choices

Stop at a grocery store when you get to your destination and stock up on more healthy snacks.

Sugar lowers our immune system, so beware of having too much sugar.

Don’t eat too late as it can disrupt your sleep and digestion. Ideally, have the biggest meal of the day at lunch then a light early dinner.

Try to take a warm home-cooked meal with you for the first meal of the journey like a sweet potato with some vegetables or stew. Warming and healthy food will help you on the cold plane.

Bring healthy snacks along…fruits, hard-boiled eggs, nut butter packets, bars (like RX Bars as they don’t have added sugar). A new bar Bhu with pea protein is also a good one (available on Vitacost).

Thank you so much, Marjorie, for all the great ideas!

You can find Marjorie online, on Instagram and Facebook, and email her directly.

Happy Healthy Travels!