London with Travel Mom Kristy

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London with Travel Mom Kristy

We’re off to London and England with Travel Mom Kristy. She, her husband, and 3 kids (4, 6 and 10) spent 2 weeks enjoying so much of what the country and city have to offer.

How long was your trip?

We toured around England with another family for 2 weeks in August. Our main stops were London, Bath, Cotswolds, and Bournemouth, then we stopped at some places like Stonehenge in between. We stayed 2-3 nights at each stop from Airbnbs to hotels.

What made you pick these places?

We wanted a variety of experiences, so this itinerary gave us the big city, little city, country, and beach all within 2 weeks.

As a busy New York City family, we also wanted a slower pace on vacation. We wanted to soak in the culture and the places vs. doing 20 things on a list.

We wanted to road trip but not spend tons of time in the car, so each stop was only about 2 to 2.5 hours apart.

What was the BEST part of the trip for you?

I really enjoyed the slow pace and the diversity of experiences around England. It all worked.

London was a great experience. It was super unplanned and organic. We had a direction, like the London Eye tickets we booked in advance, but we didn’t have a set schedule.

And England has the best parks and playgrounds (with adult areas to relax and enjoy a drink if you’d like).

I really enjoyed spending time with my family. Renting homes allowed us to make dinners, sit around and play games or take walks at night.