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Family Vacation in Alaska with AAA Travel Mom Becky Webb

In this episode, we’re taking a Family Vacation in Alaska with Travel Mom and AAA Travel Agent Becky Webb.

Alaska is the U.S.’s 49th state. It’s twice the size of Texas and full of wildlife and wilderness, including 8 National Parks.

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Family Vacation in Alaska

Vacation in Alaska: Anchorage & Talkeetna

We spent the first 2 nights in Anchorage. It’s a great city for walking or biking with lots of trails. You can enjoy the waterfront, and there are great restaurants to explore. Stay downtown, then walk or bike around everywhere.

From Anchorage, we went north to Talkeetna. On the way there, we stopped at Happy Trails Kennel, a dog musher camp, and met sled dogs used in the Iditarod. We also met some of the puppies and learned about the Iditarod.

Happy Trails Alaska

Vacation in Alaska

Talkeetna is south of Denali National Park. We stayed at the Talkeetna Lodge for 2 nights, where we got our first views of Denali one evening, the tallest peak in North America. We also did some incredible hiking.

You only have a 20% chance of seeing it due to the weather. Taking a plane trip is a great way to see it. So, we did that, and my son got to ride up front with the pilot. It was the highlight of his trip.

While we didn’t go into Denali, it’s just another 2 hours to get to one of the lodges at the park.

From Talkeetna, we flew back into Anchorage and visited the Alaska Native Heritage Center outside of Anchorage where we learned about Alaska Native Culture and traditions.


Vacation in Alaska

Vacation in Alaska: Kenai Peninsula

Next, we made our way south to the Kenai Peninsula, where we spent 2 nights at the Kenai Princess Lodge overlooking the beautiful blue waters of the Kenai River. The Lodge has so much to do, from kayaking to horseback riding to fishing.

When we were there, it was fishing high season. We didn’t get to fish as all the trips were sold out.  But as it was the middle of salmon fishing season, we learned a lot about it, like there are 5 different seasons based on the different types of salmon.

We went on a float trip adventure that was gorgeous, and we saw over 38 bald eagles.

Alaska Glaciers

Vacation in Alaska: Whittier & Girdwood

Then we hopped aboard the Alaska Railroad and trained to Whittier, where we caught a boat for a glacier hunt!

Out on Black Stone Bay on the Prince William Sound, we saw several glaciers and were lucky enough to see and hear the calving of the glaciers. There were also lots of waterfalls, otters, and harbor seals.

Our last stop was Alyeska Resort, 40 miles from Anchorage in Girdwood, where we got to pan for gold.

Alaska Waterfall

Panning for Gold

How was the weather?

It was a great weather week with no rain and blue skies, which is why June and July are the best times to go. May – September is peak season.

Temperatures were in the 60s and low 70s. There’s very little darkness this time of year. Midnight felt like dusk, and it was only darkish from about 2 am – 4 am. So be sure to take an eye mask for sleeping.

Why do you travel with your kids?

Travel is the best gift you can ever give your kids.

Family Vacation in Alaska

Next trip you’re planning?

The next big trip will be when my next 2 kids graduate from high school in 2 years. We’re going to Italy!

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Thank you for joining us, Becky, and sharing your Family Vacation in Alaska!

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