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KeeKee's Big Adventures Family Travel Podcast
Costa Rica Family Vacation with Costa Rica Dream Adventures

We’re off on a Costa Rica Family Vacation with Nadja Castillo from Costa Rica Dream Adventures. Join us to explore the perfect itinerary full of beaches, sloths, sea turtles, jungles, volcanos, waterfalls, ziplining, and more adventure in this wonderful country.

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Tell us about Costa Rica Dream Adventures.

Costa Rica Dream Adventures is a tour operator based in Atlanta, and we also have an office in San Jose, Costa Rica. We’ve been in business for 20 years. We only sell Costa Rica, and our packages include transportation, lodging, and excursions.

Even though Costa Rica is a small country, it can be complicated to move from one place to another. And people want to go to the rainforest and then they want to go to the beach. We put all the pieces of the puzzle together to give you a dream vacation.

We do a lot of family vacations and multi-generational family vacations. Costa Rica is a place where you can have multiple experiences in 8 days from beach to rainforest to volcano. And we try to offer activities that everyone can do, even grandma and even a two-year-old. When you work with us, we interview you to get to know the entire group.

As we have an office in Costa Rica, you have access to your representative 24/7 while you are in the country. We provide a welcome airport greeting and from there, the driver will take you to your next destination. We’ll pick you up for every excursion and the transfers between locations.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

What makes Costa Rica a great destination for families?

Families will love all the activities, like nature walks and sloth nature hike walks. We have the hanging bridges. We have the volcano. It’s always as a backdrop when you go to the rainforest. You can do volcano hiking. You have hot springs that come from the veins of the volcano.

If you’re more adventurous, we can do rafting, zip lining, and rappelling. We have longer hikes. It depends on the preference of the travelers.

And doing all of this together as a family is just something everyone will remember. That’s why we have lots of families that come every two years.

I think the experience that you can give your kids with a trip like this, is how nature connects with people. It will give your children an experience of other cultures and allow them to see more than what they are used to seeing at home.

Costa Rica is one of the original blue zones in the world where the healthiest, longest-living population is. It was also named one of the happiest places in the world.

The food is so fresh. Many of the hotels and restaurants have their farm and they grow their vegetables, and they take it farm to the table. And fishing is good all year round so there’s great fresh fish.

The people are amazingly friendly and welcoming. The Pura Vida lifestyle is laid back and welcoming, and you just feel it from the moment you arrive.

And it’s easy to get to Costa Rica. We have a lot of international nonstop flights available from Florida, New York, Newark, and LA to our two main airports, the San Jose airport and the Liberia airport, and major airlines two or three times a day.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

What is a great Costa Rica Family Vacation Itinerary?

For an 8-to-10-day vacation, they fly into San Jose and stay there for one night and the next morning, we take them to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica to Tortuguero for turtle watching which is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s the most significant green sea turtle nesting site in the Western Hemisphere. The green sea turtles’ season is from July to October.

You do a boat transfer and then you arrive at your destination as all the accommodations are eco-lodges and located inside the National Park. On one side you have the ocean and on the other side, you have the river.

You are in the middle of the jungle with lots of wildlife to see. We recommend 2-3 nights here. It’s like the little Amazon of Costa Rica with all the river canals.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Costa Rica Family Vacation: La Fortuna

What we do next is take them to La Fortuna, which is home to the Arenal Volcano. That’s where you get your adventure. You have hot springs. There are tons of spas in that area as well. You can do zip lining, hanging bridges, sloth hikes, rappelling, rafting, and lots of adventure.

I always recommend doing 3-4 nights as there is tons to see in Arenal.

Here you can see the three-toed sloth in the wild which is very unique. We also have a lot of rescue centers in Costa Rica where people can go and visit to see sloths being rehabilitated before they are released back into the wild.

Costa Rica is very conscious about wildlife. You will see a lot of monkeys during your trip, jumping from one tree to another. When you are out with our guides, they know when the monkeys are coming. They even smell the monkey before the monkey shows up. And then you see all those howler monkeys coming. And with that deep voice they have, they are the loudest mammal in the world.

You will also notice how respectful we are to Mother Earth. Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse places in the world. We believe in renewable energy. I think we are 99.7 percent of renewable energy. You will see how clean, protected, and well-maintained places are.

You’ll love enjoying your local Costa Rican coffee every morning on your balcony seeing the backdrop of the volcano. The volcano takes the entire city as it’s a small town. And in the evening, you’ll be relaxing in the Arenal hot springs.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Costa Rica Family Vacation: Monteverde

Monteverde is the Cloud Forest in the Central Valley. They have hanging bridges which are very special here. They have a lot of eco-adventures. We call it the Green Mountain.

There are a lot of frogs in Costa Rica, and you can see many in Monteverde. We have night hiking tours to the Monteverde Reserve. It’s a biological reserve. So, it has a lot of species of plants and animals. Bird watching is perfect in that area. And we have the red-eyed tree frogs here.

It’s perfect for ziplining. You can zipline everywhere in Costa Rica. Ziplining was created in Costa Rica to allow scientists and biologists to get up in the trees.

I recommend a 2-night stay in this region.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Costa Rica Family Vacation: Tamarindo

Finally, you end at the beach area for relaxation on the Pacific Coast in Tamarindo, which is the main town in the Guanacaste region, a very laid-back surfing town.

You can do surfing, sunset sailing, and snorkeling. You can go kayaking, on ATV tours, and you can go to the dry forest and visit another volcano there.

Here you’ll find the all-inclusive hotels. And if they’re not interested in all-inclusive you can stay in town because everything is within walking distance.

You have a lot of Americans and Canadians retiring here.

And then the closest airport is Liberia, which is 40 minutes away from the resort and the hotel area.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

Costa Rica Family Vacation: Manuel Antonio

Another option for the end of the trip is the beach in Manuel Antonio. Manuel Antonio is on the Central Pacific and is three hours away from San Jose.

Manuel Antonio is a very boutique location, very pristine. You find five-star and four-star hotels. The views are stunning of the ocean. And we have the Manuel Antonio National Park, with lots of monkeys and sloths in that area. So, it’s a beach and rainforest combination.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

When to Visit Costa Rica

It’s such a popular destination in these past years that we have a lot of travelers coming especially during the dry season, to get away from the cold. January, February, March and April are high season for us. And the holidays are a big time of year.

May, June, July, and even August are great times to come. A lot of people have this misconception that when it’s the wet season, it’s just raining all the time. We have good weather all year round. We are 78 degrees all year round. Sea temperatures are always warm.

Where can families learn more & start planning?

You can visit our website to explore itineraries and fill out a travel request form. Someone will contact you within 24 hours to ask you more questions and then send you a proposal. You can also call us at 800.655.7955.

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Pura Vida! Thank you for joining us, Nadja!

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