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AAA Family Travel with Travel Mom Brenda

AAA Family Travel with Travel Mom Brenda

In this episode, Brenda, Travel Mom and Senior Vice President of AAA Leisure Travel, joins us to share her travel adventures and how AAA Family Travel can help you plan YOUR family vacations.

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AAA Family Travel

AAA’s Travel Agents and Services

Most people grew up with AAA TripTiks for their family road trips (which are available today digitally to help you plan your trip).

Then around the 1950s, AAA started a modern-day travel agency, now the largest brick and mortar travel agency in the United States. And many of our travel agents specialize in Family Travel.

AAA Family Travel

AAA Family Travel Specialists

We’re excited to launch our new Family Travel initiative, including our Family Specialist Agent Certification and partnership with KeeKee’s Big Adventures.

We believe Family Travel and planning should be more than a once-a-year thing and should engage the whole family, not just the grown-ups. Every family member should get something out of the vacation.

For us, it’s more than just ‘where are we going on summer vacation.’ It’s about making it a lifelong journey and adventure as a family.

How do you maximize each of the 18 summers you have as a family. And engage the kids in every step of the process.

Our partnership with KeeKee is really special, from the KeeKee’s Big Adventures Family Travel Kit we’ve created for the kids when you come into meet with a Travel Agent to the online content and resources in KeeKee’s Corner.

RV & Camping Boom

I grew up camping as a kid. It’s something I’ve continued my whole life. We just love RVing. And it’s fun for all ages.

While it exploded because of COVID, it was a trend we were seeing pick up before that. It’s definitely continuing this year. And it’s all ages from Boomers to Millenials.

We love being able to explore new places and return to places we love. This summer, we’re headed to Cape Cod and Berkshires to enjoy the beach and the mountains. We’ll also return to one of our favorites, Raystown Lake, in the middle of Pennsylvania, where you can camp right on the lake.

It’s such a great way to see the country.

How can AAA help explore RVing and Camping?

We launched a new website with loads of resources to help, from renting camping equipment to renting an RV to finding campgrounds and planning your route. We even have discounts if you want to buy an RV.

Additionally, one of my recommendations is if you’re interested in RVing and Camping, borrow or rent for the first few times before you buy to see if it’s really something you want to invest in.

AAA Family Travel

What are some of your favorite family travel adventures?

We love to cruise because there’s something for everyone in the family on a cruise. A few years ago, we took my parents, Dad was 80, and he went ziplining!

One of my son’s favorite trips was seeing Pompei. It’s an incredible opportunity to see in real life what you’ve learned in school and read about.

Why is traveling with kids so important?

Getting the kids really engaged early in travel is important in their upbringing and how they interact in the world as adults.

And you’re creating wonderful memories as a family doing things you don’t do in normal everyday life, which is what vacation is all about.

Next Trip Your Planning?

In February next year, I’m hosting a AAA Member Appreciation Cruise in Australia to The Great Barrier Reef. I’ll also be going on a big trip to Greece and Italy next year.

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Thank you for joining us, Brenda, and sharing more about AAA Family Travel and your vacation adventures.

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Learn more on AAA’s Family Travel website and follow them on Instagram.

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