Basic French Words for Traveling

Whenever I travel to a different country with a different language, I try to learn at least the basic words so I can communicate and understand the people of that country.

Here is my list of basic French words I recommend learning when visiting Paris and the rest of France.

French Words
French Word Pronunciation Meaning
Bonjour (bone-ZHOOR) Hello / good morning
Au revoir (oh ruh-VWAHR) Goodbye
S’il vous plait (see voo play) Please
Merci (mare-SEE) Thank you
Oui (wee) Yes
Non (nohn) No
Bienvenue (be-awn-vuh-NEW) Welcome
Mademoiselle (mad-mwah-ZEL) Miss
Ooh là là (oh la la) Oh my
Merci beaucoup (mare-SEE boe-KOO Thank you very much
Mon ami (mohn ah-MEE) My friend
Magnifique (mahg-nee-FEEK) Magnificent
Belle (behl) Beautiful
Voilà (vwah-la) Here it is
Bon voyage (bone vwa-YAHGE) Have a good trip