Rome Word Search

Put on your explorer’s hat and find the 12 hidden words from KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Rome. Download KeeKee Rome Word Search [in PDF file] Download KeeKee Rome Word Search Solution [in PDF file]

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Tasty Tzatziki Recipe

To get you in the mood for reading KeeKee’s Big Adventures in Athens, here’s a recipe for the yummy Greek dip KeeKee enjoys,Tzatziki (tza-TZEE-kee)! Download KeeKee’s Tzatziki Recipe [in PDF file]

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French Crêpe Stand

Color KeeKee and her friends as she orders a ham and cheese (jambon et fromage) crêpe in Paris, France. Click on the image or link below to download and print the PDF. KeeKee At the Crêpe Stand

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