KeeKee’s Big Adventures award-winning picture book series sparks curiosity and inspires an appreciation for our great big wonderful world!

See Big Ben at bedtime and be on time for school in the morning.

Have pizza in a piazza in Rome
without needing a passport.

KeeKee’s Big Adventure’s books transport you around the world and introduce you to its exciting sights, sounds, tastes, and more!

Part travel guide, part exploration, and all about making friends and being open to learning about new places – an adventure not to be missed.
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KeeKee Picture Books

Beautifully illustrated, fun to read, hardcover books. Printed in the USA.

KeeKee’s Big Adventures
in London, England

KeeKee’s Big Adventures
in Amsterdam, Netherlands

KeeKee’s Big Adventures
in Athens, Greece

Activities for Traveling

Traveling on long or short trips is more fun with these KeeKee Adventure tools!

Free! Top 10 City Guides

Instantly download and print-at-home, travel guides.

Free! Pocket-Sized Kid City Searches

Instant Download! Great for engaging your kids with fun things to look for within the city. Instantly download, print and fold for your pocket!